Asleep at the Wheel — Tips to Stay Safe!

You may have heard of the famous country music band “Asleep at the Wheel.” While that is a clever name for a band, actually falling asleep at the wheel is nothing to sing about. I should know. I’ve had a family member die because she fell asleep while driving. And as a paralegal for a personal injury attorney in Sacramento, I’ve seen other families devastated by this driving danger. A passenger who is injured because the driver fell asleep and crashed their car or truck has a claim for personal injury.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, at least 100,000 auto accidents each year are attributable to drivers falling asleep while on the road. This results in 1,500 fatalities annually. These statistics represent horrible tragedies that could be prevented.

A well-known travel Web site,, offers some tips for staying alert behind the wheel of a vehicle. Some of the tips include.

1. If you’re driving with passengers, get them to talk to you.
2. Consuming caffeinated drinks may help you stay awake.
3. Make frequent stops to rest and stretch.
4. Use audio equipment such as the radio and ipods to help entertain you and prevent you from falling asleep. (Singing along helps, too.)

5. Munch on snacks.

All of these tips may work for you. Or you may have to develop some of your
own. One that has worked for me is driving with my window down. The air on my face helps keep me alert. Find out what works for you so you can prevent car crashes that can cause traumatic injury or even death. Staying awake can save lives.


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