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Unfortunately, nothing is perfect in the medical field including medical providers, medications, medical devices and medical treatments.  While medical providers and manufacturers of medical devices strive to provide the best services and products to patients, there will be complications and negligence in the medical field.

Brain-Shunt-ComplicationsBrain shunts are commonly used to treat hydrocephalus.  When the brain shunt fails or develops complications, it can be terrifying for the patient and his or her family.  Our medical malpractice attorneys have extensive experience helping clients determine if the brain shunt complications were due to a preventable and unavoidable malfunction or failure of the brain shunt.

Common Signs that a Brain Shunt is Malfunctioning

As many as 1.4 million people suffer from some form of brain injury each year. While brain injuries can be caused by almost anything, lots of brain injury cases stem from some type of personal injury caused by someone else negligence. Sounds close to home? Well, if you’ve experienced head trauma it is vital to educate yourself on these types of injuries and its long lasting effects.

What Exactly Is Brain Injury?

Most head trauma cases are often mild because the skull is tough and provides the brain with an considerable amount of protection. Even seemingly mild brain injury can be debilitating. You don’t have to be involved in a serious accident to experience injury. There are three major types of brain injuries.

Brain injuries are some of the most terrifying and devastating injuries a person can sustain. Brain injuries can occur as a result of accidents, surgical error, during birth and myriad other ways. A brain injury can cause persistent vegetative state or brain death, coma, memory loss, paralysis and even death. Any malady caused by brain injury will cost a great deal emotionally, physically and financially.

A person’s brain controls their ability to move and control the body as well as think, reason and communicate. To lose any portion of these capabilities is to lose a major portion of one’s life. A situation like this is a big blow not only to the victim but to the friends and family of the sufferer.

Often, when a person suffers a closed head injury they forget all about it after the initial pain subsides. Unfortunately, trouble may still be present. Complications from brain injuries often lay hidden and emerge sometime later after the initial accident.

Unlike other physical injuries, a brain injury is typically more serious. In fact, a serious injury to the brain can take the life of a person. In other severe cases, the person can suffer from memory loss be it short-term or long-term. If you are one of those unfortunate head injury patients, you should seek help of an experienced brain injury solicitor in Sacramento, CA. It cannot be overstressed that you should recover compensation from the defendant for the injuries you sustained. No matter whether the injury is mild or serious, you must hire a lawyer in order to hold the defendant liable. You are right to get justice. Below we have shared a couple of useful tips with you in order to help you weed good lawyers out of bad ones. So, keep on reading to find out more.

The first thing is that brain injury lawyers are always there to help with your case. Your lawyer will be able to help you only if you share important information with your lawyer as to your case. If you have made up your mind to hire an attorney, then convince yourself to share everything with him as long as it is related to your lawsuit. You may think it is a non-issue. The fact is that the success or failure of your case will depend on the information your lawyer has about your case. Some people do not have absolute trust in their lawyers. As a result, they fail to get the most out of their lawyers. In some cases, people end up doing more harm than good to their cases only because they did not share important details with their lawyers. So, keep this point in mind and never try to hide anything from your attorney or you may lose your case.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your lawyer will try his level best to fight your case in order to get you compensation you deserve, but he cannot say that you will win the case no matter what. At times, lawyers fail a case despite the fact that their clients are innocent. This is due to several factors that may not be under the control of your lawyer.

Traumatic brain injury affects more than 1.5 million individuals every year, says CDC. Many people do not know even know the basics of TBI. This is an injury affecting the brain. In this article, we are going to throw some light on three misconceptions related to TBI. Read on!

A blow to the head

When you hit your head against a hard object by accident, you sustain a head injury. The fact is that your head can get injured whether the impact was direct or indirect. When the brain moves violently due to a hit to any part of the body, it can get injured. If you are suffering from a memory problem, headaches, and emotional changes after an accident, you should get in touch with a brain injury lawyer in Sacramento, so as to get a case registered against the person who caused you the injury. TBI can get worse if you do not get medical assistance as soon as possible after the accident.

Brain injuries are not exclusively caused by blows to the head. The fact is that a lot of brain injuries occur just because of the exposure of the brain to toxic. This is another matter whether these injuries are serious or mild. According to doctors, toxic exposure can cause a wide variety of head injuries. Some include movement problems, short-term or long-term memory loss and social disorders just to name a few.

We cannot say for sure that toxic substances available in the market can lead to head trauma. The truth of the matter is that toxic substances that are more likely to cause damage to the brain include lead, which is a heavy metal.

Children are more likely to be effected by toxic substances, especially from lead. Some doctors say that lead can hamper the growth rate of a child. According to a research study conducted recently, lead found in toys can cause a considerable amount of harm to a child. The harm may include a brain injury as well.

Birth injuries are caused by a number of factors. An overwhelming majority of birth injuries occur during delivery. The injury can also happen on account of the negligence of the doctor. Among the injuries that occur during delivery, cerebral palsy is the most common.

At the time of delivery, it is not easy to detect cerebral palsy. The fact is that, at times, months or years pass but the injury goes undetected. It costs a lot of money to treat a child with cerebral palsy. At times, your baby may have to deal with this condition for the rest of his or her life.

If your baby is suffering from a condition or injury caused by a doctor, then you can hire a birth injury lawyer in California to file a case. A birth injury can occur if the mother is given improper medical care at the time of delivery. On this ground, you can sue the doctor. Your initial move should be to find a good birth trauma lawyer in California. Here it is important to hire one who specializes in dealing with birth injuries.

A brain injury is not like other trivial injuries. Instead, it is one of the most serious injuries. The reason is that an injury to the brain can take the life of the patient in worst cases. The victim can go in comma or go insane. The injury causes a lot of problems to the family members as well. At the same time, the cost of treatment is also very high, which a someone usually cannot afford.

So, in such a situation, one must do their level best to acquire compensation from the party who caused the injury. Acquiring compensation sometimes require you to file a case against the other party, and filing a case will be much easier by hiring a good brain injury lawyer in California. No matter whether you sustained a minor or serious injury, you might try to recover compensation and get justice. Below we are going to share a couple of things with you to make things a lot easier if you have made your mind to file a case.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the head injury lawyer will be with you to get through the process with ease. So, you should cooperate with your lawyer as much as you can. Some shy people do not share complete details of what happened with them with their lawyers. You should not do this. Keep in mind it is essential for you to disclose all the matters related to your case to your lawyer as soon as clearly as possible. Your lawyer will understand and build your case based on the details he learned from you and other parties involved in the case. So, if you hide things from your lawyer, he probably will not be able to work on your case with strength, and you will be likely to lose the case as a result. I am sure you can’t afford to lose your case as this will cause you to forget the compensation you can get.

Do you think soccer headers have nothing to do with brain injury? If you are fond of this sport, you should read this article to grasp important things about the relation between the two things.

According to research studies, a brain injury is likely to occur if you hit your head with a ball on a daily basis. The researchers made use of latest MRI-based tests as well as cognitive exams in order to assess the functions of the brain in new soccer players.

30+ new players were involved in the study. The mean age of the players was 30 years. All of them used to play soccer daily for years. In order to make the right assessment, they asked the players to find out how many times they hit their heads with a ball on a daily basis for the last year.

Immediate medical assistance, such as early diagnosis is necessary so as to boost the stroke recovery process. You need to recognize the symptoms of the stroke, which include weakness or sleepiness of the arms, legs or face, especially on left or right side of the body. Apart from these, other symptoms include sudden confusion, difficulty in understanding or uttering words, difficulty in seeing, difficulty in walking, loss or balance and severe headache.

In case of a stroke, you should contact an emergency response system or 911 in your area. You have a short period of time to have a therapy after the appearance of symptoms. In order to find out if you really had a stroke, you should smile while looking at the mirror. If your face moves symmetrically, this means you had a stroke. Move your arms to make sure you did not have paralysis attack. Apart from these, you should lie down in order to boost the blood flow to your brain. Do not take aspirin if there is bleeding.

Once you have become stable medically, rehabilitation should start in order to teach you how to deal with your personal hygiene. In addition, you will learn how to eat and get on/off the bed and use the bathroom on your own.

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