Brain Injuries Can Permanently Change Your Life

Brain injuries are some of the most terrifying and devastating injuries a person can sustain. Brain injuries can occur as a result of accidents, surgical error, during birth and myriad other ways. A brain injury can cause persistent vegetative state or brain death, coma, memory loss, paralysis and even death. Any malady caused by brain injury will cost a great deal emotionally, physically and financially.

A person’s brain controls their ability to move and control the body as well as think, reason and communicate. To lose any portion of these capabilities is to lose a major portion of one’s life. A situation like this is a big blow not only to the victim but to the friends and family of the sufferer.

Often, when a person suffers a closed head injury they forget all about it after the initial pain subsides. Unfortunately, trouble may still be present. Complications from brain injuries often lay hidden and emerge sometime later after the initial accident.

Ideally, a victim of head trauma should seek the attention of a neurologist as soon as possible. At the very least seek some type of medical attention immediately. The sooner you see a doctor the faster you can get treatment for anything serious.

Someone who has experienced a recent head trauma should not engage in heavy activity. Playing sports and excessive exercise should be avoided to circumvent any more injury. Any additional head trauma can severely affect a brain injury.

No one with a recent head trauma should drive a vehicle or operate any machinery. These types of activities are considered dangerous and unadvisable for a head trauma victim. However, a doctor may give a head trauma patient approval to perform specific activities.

At this point, it is advisable to contact a personal injury attorney. In order to find out if a case for compensation exists a lawyer will arrange an investigation, maintain and preserve evidence, consult experts, interview witnesses, and protect the victim’s rights.

Proving a case for compensation exists is determined by the circumstances in which the injury occurred. If a specific person or entity is responsible for the injury a case for compensation exists. There are many cases in which a responsible party is evident.

• A landlord allowed lead paint chips to accrue throughout the building. A toddler ingested portion, resulting in permanent brain damage
• A city that maintained a public swimming pool. A lifeguard failed to quickly rescue a submerged child which resulted in his brain injury
• A school board failed to address a class bully problem before he threw a schoolmate down the bleachers. She suffered a closed head injury that caused brain damage
• An obstetrician who called too late for a cesarean-section delivery and caused brain damage to the baby
• An anesthesiologist directed an overdose of anesthesia which caused a brain injury, leaving a patient temporarily comatose and causing permanent brain damage
• An employer did not offer protective gear or ad minister proper training in the safe handling of dangerous industrial chemicals. An accident occurred resulting in brain damage for an employee
• A negligent driver, owner of the vehicle or employer of the driver in a serious traffic accident which caused the innocent party to suffer a closed head injury and subsequent in brain damage
• An exasperated parent, babysitter or nanny who shook a baby, causing shaken-baby-syndrome brain damage
• A manufacturer of a pharmaceutical product which triggered a teenager’s stroke which led to her subsequent brain injury

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