Soccer Headers and Brain Injuries in California

Do you think soccer headers have nothing to do with brain injury? If you are fond of this sport, you should read this article to grasp important things about the relation between the two things.

According to research studies, a brain injury is likely to occur if you hit your head with a ball on a daily basis. The researchers made use of latest MRI-based tests as well as cognitive exams in order to assess the functions of the brain in new soccer players.

30+ new players were involved in the study. The mean age of the players was 30 years. All of them used to play soccer daily for years. In order to make the right assessment, they asked the players to find out how many times they hit their heads with a ball on a daily basis for the last year.

The researchers made use of this info in order to compare the headers’ regularity to cognitive performance and the brain scans of the individuals. The results revealed that players showed symptoms of head injuries. The symptoms were similar to concussion, which is known as traumatic head injury.

The mild or serious head injury can lead to long-term deterioration in the thinking and coordination of an individual.

The study concludes that the hits do not cause harm to the head of the players all the time. It rarely happens, but it happens. However, cell degeneration does happen when a person frequently hits his head with a ball.

In order to prevent injuries to the players, researchers should set guidelines for new soccer players who are more prone to head injuries. As always, it is recommended for you to learn correct techniques while hitting the ball with your head. It is important that your head, torso, neck should stay in a line in order to blunt the effect of the hit to the brain.

Here it is important to note that the bulk of young kids are not prepared to follow the techniques, especially those are around 10 years old. The speed of ball that this the head of the player is around 100km/hr, which is a pretty much high speed. As a result, chances of brain injury go up.

Last but not least, amateur players should keep in mind that the size of the ball should be appropriate. Smaller balls are less likely to injure the head as compared to larger ones.
Hitting the ball on a regular basis can lead to minor memory loss. Soccer players should be careful and keep these dangers in mind while hitting the balls hard in excitement. Of course, you won’t want to lose consciousness while playing and enjoying yourself in the ground. Therefore, it is really important for you to keep these things in mind. If you think you have been injured due to another player’s negligence while playing, you can hire a brain injury lawyer in California to file a case and recover compensation. Hope these things will help you do the right thing.

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