Medical Malpractice and Birth Injuries in California

The delivery of a baby is one of the most important things a doctor has to help a mother with. The would-be parents do everything they can in order to make sure the delivery process is completed safely and their baby comes into this world safe and sound. Unfortunately, doctors manifest negligence and compromise the health of the newborn baby by giving poor care or by performing a treatment poorly sometimes. If you or your newborn baby had an injury due to the negligence of a doctor or nurse, you can file a case against them to recover compensation.

Causes of a Birth Injury

Birth injuries can occur from a host of reasons. At times, natural causes can result in a complicated delivery. On the other hand, however, sometimes a medical professional’s negligence can lead to a birth injury. Common factors contributing to birth injuries will include the following:

• Big baby
• Breeched delivery in which the infant comes out the womb with feet first
• Misuse of delivery apparatus like vacuum or forceps
• Premature delivery of the baby usually before 37th week
• Poor pre-natal care
Adequate pre-natal care and other steps can be taken in order to prevent birth injuries. Given below are some of the injuries that can be avoided by due pre-natal care.

Cerebral Palsy is occasioned by shortage of oxygen to the baby’s head. Cerebral palsy is a type of brain damage hampering a baby’s mind from keeping control over the muscles. This condition lasts as long as the baby remains alive.

Erb’s Palsy is nerve damage causing harm to the arms and shoulders of a baby. This injury happens when a baby’s shoulders get stuck on the pelvic bones of the mother at the time of delivery. Here it is important to note that this condition does not last as long as the baby lives in all cases. Doctors usually perform surgery so as to treat this condition.

Facial paralysis is another injury that can occur during delivery. This injury is so severe that the baby is unable to move its eyelids or mouth muscles.

When the baby is coming out of the birth canal, apparatus like vacuum extractors and forceps can cause harm to the brain of the baby.

Common fractures that can occur during delivery include femur and clavical fractures.

The symptoms of most of birth injuries disappear on their own in a couple of weeks. However, a severe injury can leave a lasting impact on the baby. If your baby had an injury due to a doctor’s negligence, you can hire a brain injury lawyer in California in order to file a lawsuit against that unprofessional doctor.


With the legal assistance of a brain injury lawyer in California, you can succeed in receiving compensation for the injuries your baby sustained. Birth injuries caused by the unprofessional conduct of a doctor can get you compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and wrong death. So, it is of paramount importance to do research and hire an experience solicitor in California. Hope this helps.

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