Auto Accidents: Drunk Driving in Sacramento

For the past few years, the number of car crashers due to drunk driving has been going out of proportion. It ranges from car vs. motorcycle collision, to 18 wheeler truck vs. school bus, to single vehicle accident to multiple damaged autos. This has been a major worry not only to authorities but also to average pedestrians. There are thousands of innocent pedestrians dying all of sudden because of alcohol intoxication while driving.

Lack Discipline not lack of Education

With all the media platforms that we have in our time, ignorance to advocacies, statistics, and other information relating to auto accident is almost impossible. The government has been incessant about the advocacy. Obviously, what is really lacking in the society is the discipline to adhere, comply, and apply all the information available. The education about drunk-driving is not a top confidential subject which you could not see in mainstream media. It is something which is being repeatedly shown in many avenues.


There are many incidents wherein drunk drivers who are obviously at fault don’t have any car insurance with them. Though there is a slim chance for someone to get a driver’s license without having auto insurance, there are still stances where drivers involved in car crashes are not really insured. Even if they are insured, the policy that they have don’t extend the coverage to liability coverage, damage coverage, and etc. This is why even for those people who are non-drivers have to get an accident or auto insurance which cover them even if they are just pedestrians involved in auto accidents. Even those people who are underinsured or uninsured cannot escape paying the damages made in auto accidents. Most likely they will not be allowed to renew their licenses.

Liabilities and Recovering Damages

There is always a certain level of bias when finding out who is responsible in any auto accident. There is greater assumption of guilt to those drivers who have consumed alcohol while driving. Alcohol will always be viewed as a major contributing consideration to any auto accident. That is why it is hard to defend a drunk driver. Juries will always have the inclination to unleash the punishment to drivers who are drunk.

Only a competent and experienced lawyer can somehow reverse this prevailing idea in auto accident case. Qualifying an auto accident lawyer should be a primary consideration. Referral can be a very effective means. Track records and reputation in the field of arena is another factor. Auto accident is a life changing experience. The turn outs can be devastating. There are people’s futures at stake and you can’t just run the risk.

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