Birth Injuries Due to Medical Negligence: When to Contact an Attorney

The birth of a baby is the happiest moment in the life of parents. Most of the time, babies are born healthy and do not have any complications. In some cases, a baby is born with medical problems.

It is the responsibility of a medical professional to provide maximum care for their patients. If a doctor, or nurse does not take good care of their patients and the patients as a result receive injuries, the doctor or nurse can be held responsible. Unlike other professions, the outcomes of malpractice are the highest in medical field. This is because the medical negligence of a doctor can cause severe injuries to a patient. In some cases, it can even cause death to a patient.

The doctor has to maintain a record of healthcare since the day a women is declared as pregnant. The health of the mother and the baby should also be documented besides other tests and treatments. Improper monitoring and negligence during the pregnancy of a woman can miss a conveniently diagnosed problem like an infection or severe jaundice. These problems can be easily treated if detected in a timely fashion. On the other hand, if these issues are not diagnosed and treated properly, the patient can suffer from serious complications like head injuries, traumatic head injury, mental retardation, seizures, cerebral palsy and even death.

Overuse of a vacuum extractor or forceps can also contribute to brain injury or cerebral palsy. During or after the birth of a baby, cerebral palsy can contribute to brain injury or problems in brain development. It can affect the body movement, posture, balance, muscle tone, reflexes, and muscle control of the body. Medical malpractice, for the most part, can cause these problems to a patient.

It is close to impossible to cure mental retardation, traumatic brain injury and cerebral palsy. Babies born with such birth defects miss out on most of opportunities that a healthy baby enjoys. If you are a parent and your baby has received injuries due to the medical negligence of a medical professional, it is important for you to get in touch with a competent medical malpractice lawyer. Your medical malpractice attorney will fight for you and your child. While choosing a lawyer, it is important to look at the qualification, experience and expertise of the lawyer in the area of medical negligence. The lawyer should have a proven record of excellence in their profession.

In sum, if your baby is born with a birth defect, you must get in touch with a qualified and skilled medical lawyer having experience in handling medical malpractice cases. Take your time and hire a lawyer as soon as possible. You should try to find out whether the injuries were caused due to the negligence or wrong doing of the medical doctor or staff. If you are unable to get this information from the related hospital, you should then contact a medical malpractice lawyer. The lawyer will review the medical record of the baby in order to prove that the other party is guilty. This will help him receive a reasonable amount of compensation from the other party.

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