Brain Injuries and Concussions in Young Athletes in California

According to studies conducted recently, brain injury and concussion victims are more likely to commit crimes down the road. If the results of the studies are true, then we need to take care of the injuries our loved ones suffer while playing sports like football.

The truth of the matter is that the odds of head injury are higher when it comes to playing football. The same applies to other sports that involve the use of the head. Let us explain it further. In one season, a football players may receive up to 900 hits while playing football. According to an estimate, 25% football players sustain minor brain injury in a single season, and it excludes injuries that go unreported. Most football players do not let others know when they sustain a head injury because they do not want to be out of game.

Aside from that, a recent study discovered that brain injuries in youngsters with immature brains can contribute to some kind of disruption in social judgment, self-restraint and impulse control. Studies also revealed that around 60% prisoners have had some kind of head injury, and they were more likely to commit crime again. To find out about this matter, more studies will be conducted. The results of the studies proved that the prisoners with no brain injuries were less likely to commit crime.

So, what can be done in order to prevent concussions and brain injuries? Well, it is the responsibility of schools, parents and coaches to take steps in order to prevent and manage concussions early. In this way, the young can get the best neuro-rehabilitation.

When it comes to playing football, the chances of sustaining an injury are higher. However, with some precautions, we can make this game safer. Apart from football, hockey has also become a dangerous sport. So, necessary measures should be taken in order to make these sports safer for the players.

Parents should discourage the use of heads while their kids are playing football. They should teach them that the use of the head as a battering ram can cause severe injury to their head. In the same way, coaches should also teach the same lesson to their students during training.

By taking the steps above, football players can reduce the odds of sustaining a head injury. All you have to do is to be careful while playing this sport. The consequences of concussions can be severe at times. In the worst cases, the victim goes in a comma. In other cases, his brain stops working and he expires. So, you need to be much careful. Hope this will help you avoid brain injuries as much as possible.

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