Brain Injury

A strike to the head can cause serious harm to the brain. In common terms, this is known as a brain injury. There are many different kinds of brain injuries but the two most common types are termed as contusion and concussion. You should know more about these two types in order to get a better understanding of brain injuries. When the brain gets disturbed due to a sudden shake, the resulted injury to the brain is called a concussion. In order to find out the causes of concussion and methods to deal with it, several studies have been conducted. This type of injury occurs, for the most part, in sports accidents.

As said earlier, there are two common types of head injuries. Another common head injury is known as a contusion. This injury occurs when the brain receives a bruise. Aside from the sports accidents, other causes of injuries to the brain include auto accidents, motorcycle falls, workplace injuries, hit from a bulky object and hit with a foreign object like a bullet.

Most of these injuries are of mild nature but other injuries can cause serious damage to the brain. In such a situation, the patient loses consciousness and has to bear severe pain. Doctors have to operate on the brain to deal with the problem.

A severe head injury can contribute to dizziness, chronic headaches, loss of speech, paralysis and loss of cognitive performance. The fact is that the brain is one of the most important parts of the body. All of the functions of the body depend on the orders received from the brain. An injured brain will not be able to send instructions to the body. As a result, many of the body parts will stop working. The truth is that this kind of injury can have a life-changing effect on the victim.

The patient may not be able to work or support their family. Moreover, they will have to pay heavy medical bills that their insurance company cannot cover. At times, the patients do not even have medical insurance. These patients have to suffer from physical disability forever.

The Catastrophic Injury Resource Centre has been established in order to assist people who have a brain injury. If you or your loved one is a patient of head injury, then you may get in touch with the Centre or visit the website in order to get advice on the related legal aspects of the accident.

Aside from that, you can also ask around and find an experienced brain injury lawyer in order to file a case against the responsible parties to get compensation. You should turn to a specialist instead of hiring an incompetent or general lawyer to deal with your case. Specialists have years of experiencing dealing with such cases. So, they can assist you throughout the process of filing a case and recovering compensation your deserve. You can also search on the Internet to come up with a list of good attorneys. You can then short-list a few candidates to choose from.

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