Brain Surgery While Awake Saves Man From Aneurysm

Brain surgery is no small matter, especially when the person undergoing the surgery is awake during the process. Brain surgery can be a scary thing — as a Personal Injury Law Office in Sacramento, we know the threat that a brain surgery poses on an individual and how fearful one gets when coming face to face with doctors’ hands inside of their head. Not so for John James, an Australian great-grandfather. This brave man went through a brain surgery talking to nurses, and says he wasn’t frightened at all during the surgery, but rather quite confident.

John first went to the hospital because he was having blurred vision and dizzy spells. The doctors found that he had a brain aneurysm behind his right eye that threatened to kill him. They decided to do a surgery to drain the aneurysm, but wanted to keep John awake to make sure they didn’t blind him in the process.

The doctors drilled a half-inch hole in John’s skull and used a type of reality software to create a 3-D image of his brain, which projected onto one side of an eyepiece the head doctor wore. On the other side of his eyepiece, a microscopic view of the brain was used to do the operation. During the entire operation, nurses showed John flashcards, ensuring that his vision was not being affected.

The operation ended successfully, the aneurysm was drained and blood was prevented flowing into the aneurysm.


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