Charter Bus Company Liable For Seriously Injuring Passenger, Part 5 of 6.

(Please note: the names and locations of all parties have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the proceedings.)

2. Olivia Stark further testified about all the incidents caused by defendant JONES:
“Q. After Bobbi slammed on the brakes the first time, did you overhear any kind of complaints about her driving?
A. By the end of the trip, people were starting to wonder.
Q. Can you tell me what people were saying?
A. They were talking about the number of incidents we had this trip, and calling
it ‘the bus trip from hell.’
Q. And the incidents that you refer to are the two times she slammed on the
brakes, and the other time when she – –
A. The windows.
Q. – – the windows?
A. Yes.
Q. Anything else?
MR. COLLINS: She testified to the bus trip delay because the driver left the lights on.
Q. BY MS. LI: Other than the lights, the windows, and the two braking incidents, was there anything unusual about the trip that stood out?
A. That was enough.”
(Depo. of Olivia Stark, pp.28:22-29:18)

Mr. Stark, an experienced bus driver, testified that defendant JONES was not focused as a bus driver on this trip.

“Q. And in fact, you rode with her the first year, and she drove like an experienced bus driver?
A. Yes.
Q. This year, when Nanacy got hurt, she wasn’t driving as well as she drove before, true?
A. True.

Q. She just didn’t seem up to par; is that fair?
A. He [JONES] didn’t seem as focused.
Q. And you would agree you need good focus when you’re carrying that many human beings?
A. Yes.”

(Depo. of Tim Stark, pp. 39:1-11) (See Part 6 of 6.)

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