Dehydrated Sacramento Nursing Facility Patient Dies, Part 8 of 12

(Please note: the names and locations of all parties have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the participants in this medical negligence case and its proceedings.)

It is also worth noting that situations similar to those described in this elder abuse case could just as easily occur at any of the healthcare facilities in the area, such as Kaiser Permanente, U.C. Davis Medical Center, Mercy, Sutter, or any skilled nursing facility.

(8) Defendants’ nurses and caregivers were absolutely reckless in not receiving proper doctor’s orders for Abbey on April 8, 2008, which is the time they were definitely on notice of Abbey’s rapid and substantial weight loss and her inability to swallow (FAC, paras. 35, 42);
(9) Abbey’s family insisted that she be taken to the hospital on April 13, 2008, where she was diagnosed with severe dehydration (FAC, para. 38);

(10) It was an absolute breach of the applicable regulations to have allowed Abbey to become so severely dehydrated, which neglect was reckless in that Defendants’ exhibited a conscious disregard for the high probability that Abbey would suffer injury (FAC, para. 38 – 40); For more information you are welcome to contact Sacramento personal injury lawyer, Moseley Collins.

(11) Defendants’ nursing staff and caregivers were aware that Abbey was not drinking and yet they did nothing (FAC, para. 40);
(12) Abbey was so severely dehydrated that she had a free water deficit of a whole gallon of water (or some sixteen, 8-ounce glasses), which fluids her body desperately needed but did not receive (FAC, paras. 39 – 40);

(13) Abbey’s dehydration and resulting pain, suffering, and death were all entirely, and easily, avoidable with proper nursing care (FAC, paras. 33, 39, 41);

Essentially, Plaintiffs have pled detailed facts that show that Defendants recklessly neglected Abbey, they violated numerous regulations, they tried to conceal their neglect, and that they directly caused her needless death. Thus, there cannot be any serious question but that Plaintiffs’ elder abuse cause of action is well plead in their FAC. (See Part 9 of 12.)

For more information you are welcome to contact Sacramento personal injury lawyer, Moseley Collins.

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