Drunk Driver Involved in Horiffic Car Crash; Kills Two

A horrific accident occurred last Sunday just southeast of our Sacramento home in Santa Barbara County Around 2:15 in the morning a man was driving a 2002 Chevrolet Camaro with two female passengers at high speeds. As he took a turn, he lost control of his car, sending it hurtling through a freeway overpass. The Camaro and its passengers fell 40 feet off the overpass onto another freeway, Highway 101.

The car landed on its passenger side with its roof facing oncoming traffic. Immediately, a family of five in a Honda sedan collided with the camaro. The two women passengers were then ejected from the car, dying at the scene. The driver was severely injured. Luckily, the family of five (two adults and three children) left the scene with minor injuries.

Police officers state that the driver of the Camaro’s BAC was way over the legal limits. It is amazing to know that people still drink and drive even with the news stories, all the statistics, and the grave consequences that can occur as result. Studies from the NHTSA show that a driver is 11 times more likely to be involved in a fatal caar crash with a blood alcohol content between .05 and .09. You can only imagine how the stakes rise when greater amounts of alcohol are involved.

If you have been injured or know someone that has been injured because of a drunk driver, you should seek legal help and advice. Please call me at the Law Offices of Moseley Collins. I will inform you on your options and rights, explaining them in a way that make sense to you in your time of need. As for all of you on the road, do not drink and drive, and be careful out there.

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