Errors in the Emergency Room

Sacramento emergency room physicians may have the most stressful, difficult job in the world. It becomes even more challenging when you factor in the long hours, ever-changing schedules, and unpredictable work environment. It is impossible to properly diagnosis multiple patients with 100% accuracy in these conditions. Mistakes will occur.

While these conditions and the improbability of perfect diagnosis every time are understandable, doctors and other health care professionals are still held to a certain standard in healthcare. If gross negligence occurs under their care or as a result of their care, they will be held responsible.

Most Common Emergency Room Errors

People go to the emergency room to be treated. They have a sickness or injury and need help. When people are let down by the professionals they go to for help it sometimes leaves a deep emotional scar. It becomes hard to trust others and myriad social problems develop. It is a travesty when you leave the emergency room in worse shape than you came in.

Some of the more common emergency room errors are listed below:
Improper discharging of patient from medical facility
Unfitting diagnosis
Anesthesia errors
Failure to treat an injury
Improper test result analysis
Prescribing the incorrect medication
IV miscalculations
Incorrect medication dose
Surgical errors
Causes of Emergency Room Errors

The job and the environment themselves are enough to explain why errors occur in the emergency room. The number one factor repeatedly attributed to these errors is lack of sleep. Doctors, especially those in the emergency room, are notoriously prone to sleep deprivation.

Some of the more common causes of emergency room errors are listed below:
-Overloaded emergency rooms
-Poorly trained staff
-Inadequately prepared emergency rooms
-Shortage of equipment and beds
-Staff suffering from fatigue and stress
-Lack of financial resources
What You Need to Prove Emergency Room Error

In order to prove a malpractice claim there must be proof of negligence. All doctors owe a duty of responsible care to their patients. When this duty is not met, negligence occurs. Doctors, nurses and health care professionals are under the care and responsibility of the facility they are using, therefore, hospitals, clinics and treatment facilities are also held responsible in cases of negligence in an emergency room. In some cases even more people can be partially responsible. Equipment manufacturers and drug makers can also hold some of the blame.

Ending up with an injury from an emergency room accident is a definite possibility. To lessen the damage and help out the case in court, document every part of your emergency room visit. Make note of the doctors and nurses you come in contact with. Write down the days and times of procedures and treatments. Any and all documentation can be useful in a court case for negligence.

Moseley Collins is an experienced lawyer with many emergency room error cases under his belt. He knows his way around a court room and how to help you win a case like this. Call today for a free consultation on your emergency room error in Sacramento.

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