Examples of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice can be said to be negligence by the doctors. For one to decide to go to medical school, he/she usually has the passion for doing medicine and also for taking care of the patients. When students graduate from medical school, they usually are very vibrant and they have the psyche to do their work but after sometime, the psyche dies out. This is usually caused by the type of staff you find in the hospital that one is posted to. In most hospitals, the doctors and nurses who have worked for about twenty years in the medical field, they seem not to care about the welfare of patients. Below are some common cases of medical malpractice that is caused by negligence.

After surgery, you may find out that the surgeon forgot one of the instruments that they were using in the body of a person. Normally, before the beginning of surgery, the nurses are the ones who count the number of instruments that they will use and they are supposed to count them after they are through with the surgery. In some cases though they are rare, the surgeons find out that they have forgotten one scalpel or even the surgery scissors. How they approach the patient in question is usually hard but they have to. This usually happens maybe if the surgery was very long and the surgeons are tired but that should not be an excuse because of the Hippocratic Oath that they normally take.

In certain hospitals, the patients die while waiting to be treated. As stated in the first paragraph, the doctors and nurses who have worked in the hospitals for a long time tend to be reluctant. When some patients go to the hospital and they are critically ill, they have to wait for those that came first to be attended to. Usually their pleas are not heard and they die before their turn to see the doctor reaches. Simple as it may seem, it is negligence that is highly punishable.

Mothers are made childless by such negligence. When a child is born and has not reached nine months, it needs to be out in the incubator until it has attained the desired weight and the doctors see that it can survive on the outside. There are some nurses who take the children out of the incubator and the kid dies. It is very rare for light to go off in the hospitals because there usually is a back up. If your child is taken out of the incubator and dies, you can go on and sue the person who was responsible because they are going against the Hippocratic Oath.

There are many types and examples of medical malpractice that is performed by the doctors. Get to know them so that you know the necessary steps to take. As for the doctors, they should make sure that they follow the oath that they normally take or they change their career if they do not want to serve the patients with commitment.

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