Facial Paralysis: A Rare Birth Injury in Sacramento, CA

In the life of parents, the birth of a baby is one of the best moments, especially the birth of first baby after marriage. Many will agree with this statement. Parents, especially, the mother is anxious to have a look at her healthy baby after delivery. The truth is that this moment is so special that we cannot describe it in words. The birth of a first child strengthens the relationship between the couple. Now, they begin to love each other more than ever before. During delivery, parents and the close relatives are busy praying for the new soul going to come into this world. They pray for the success of the delivery. Most delivery cases end up successfully. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

In some delivery cases, complications may occur and either the baby or the mother sustains injuries. As a parent, you should keep this thing in mind, so you may take the right steps in order to make sure the delivery is carried out safely. Let us explain this further.

In complicated delivery cases, doctors have to use certain equipment in order to make the birthing process easier. Now, the baby is very delicate at the time of delivery. So, doctors should use the tools with as much care as possible. Commonly used equipment include forceps and vacuum. If too much pressure is put on the head of the baby, the chances of injury go up. In such cases, nerve damage can occur, leading to injuries that are more serious. The injury may result in facial paralysis, which can be temporary and permanent.

Doctors and physicians undertake many different procedures in order to perform delivery properly. There are many causes of facial paralysis. At times, doctors give wrong medication that cause different problems to the infant. It is the responsibility of the doctors to let you know the risks associated with a particular medicine before giving the medicine to the mother. For example, pain medicines are often prescribed to the mother in order to reduce pain caused by delivery. These medicines can cause harm to the infant as well. At times, it causes facial paralysis.

For newborn babies, the facial paralysis can be either temporary or permanent. In this condition, the baby is unable to move its face. In order for you to diagnose this condition, you should pay attention to your baby while it is weeping. Pay special attention and find out if the lips and eyes of the baby move properly. If you notice that the lips or eyes do not move properly, you should get your baby examined by a doctor in California.

As said earlier, some paralysis cases are temporary. If your baby is suffering from permanent facial paralysis, you should meet a doctor and he or she will prescribe the right treatment in order to treat the paralysis. The treatments may cost you a good amount of money and cause pain to your baby. Birth injury can be avoided if the doctors use forceps carefully. You can contact a birth injury lawyer in California in order to know more about what you should in such cases.

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