Four Sacramento Women Claim Sexual Harassment, Part 6 of 8.


Ms. Black was hired to work as a replacement at the ABC Automobiles Sacramento location in December 2005. Shortly thereafter, David Stevens tried to touch her body and rubbed her shoulders against her will.

Ms. Black saw how Mr. Stevens sexually harassed young female job applicants who came in for an interview to be placed by ABC Automobiles in administrative jobs. He would call them “sweetie” and “honey.” He would touch them, put his arm around them, and even kiss applicants he met for the first time. He also told sexual jokes to the whole office.

Ms. Black complained to Bill Armstrong about David Stevens’ conduct but nothing was done.

On May 1, 2006, Mr. Stevens tried to hand out to females in the Sacramento location packets of lotions from Victoria Secret with the picture of a model in a sexual pose. Ms. Black refused to accept it. David Stevens laid it on her desk anyway and walked away. A photocopy of the packet is part of this record.

The following day, Ms. Black confronted Mr. Stevens and complained to Mr. Armstrong. Ms. Black told Mr. Armstrong she wanted to file a complaint. Mr. Armstrong said he didn’t know how to do that but he would get back to her.

When it seemed like nothing would be done (again), Ms. Black’s husband called ABC Automobile’s corporate office in San Francisco to complain. An investigation was begun. David Stevens was put on administrative leave. (See Part 7 of 8.)

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