Four Women File Sexual Harassment Action Against Sacramento Company, Part 3 of 8.


Bob James is the President of ABC Automobiles. In June 2004, Amy Webb reported to Mr. James that Mr. Stevens had sexually harassed a 19-year-old female employee in the Sacramento location, as described above. Mr. James suggested that Mr. Stevens’ behavior “might be a cultural issue, since Stevens was of Russian descent.” Mr. James said Mr. Stevens should be warned, but suggested that it might only be “a perception issue.” Not surprisingly, David Stevens’ harassment of female ABC Automobiles employees continued for two more years, as described below.


Ms. Brown was hired by ABC Automobiles to work in its Sacramento location on June, 2005 as a job recruiter. She was interviewed for the position by Bill Armstrong and David Stevens. While working at the Sacramento location, she was subject to continuing sexual harassment coming from David Stevens and that was permitted and condoned by Bill Armstrong.

david Stevens repeatedly tried to massage Ms. Brown’s shoulders against her will. On a weekly basis he asked her if he could give her a “hot dog.” He told crude sexual jokes in the office.

The office was very open and Ms. Brown had to see and listen to all Mr. Stevens and Mr. Armstrong said and did on a daily basis. When Mr. Stevens interviewed young female job applicants, he would often touch them, hug them and try to kiss them. The young women often reacted with a look of shock or fear on their faces. Watching these young job applicants subjected to this made Ms. Brown sick.

While it was very upsetting to her, Bill Armstrong, on the other hand, didn’t object to watching David Stevens sexually harass these young women.

Ms. Brown complained to Bill Armstrong but he did nothing. She complained twice to Amy Webb, Bill Armstrong’s supervisor who worked in the San Francisco corporate office, about their behavior. Ms. Webb did nothing.

As the bad behavior continued and neither Bill Armstrong nor Amy Webb did anything to stop it, Ms. Brown became more and more distressed. She felt hopeless, and she dreaded seeing the look on the faces of the young female applicants being harassed. Ms. Brown had trouble sleeping. She developed acid reflux.

Finally, in February 2006, Ms. Brown advised ABC Automobiles that she was quitting.

(See Part 4 of 8.)

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