Getting Hit By a Drunk Driver In California — What You Should Know After the Accident

If a drunk driver has caused an injury to you or your loved one, then you may be entitled to recover compensation. For this purpose, you should first consult an experienced lawyer. Some drivers who often drive under the influence have no auto insurance policy. As long as you have an insurance policy, no one can stop you from recovering compensation. In the same way, your insurance provider will not up your rates provided the accident did not occur due to your fault.

It is important for you to make the drunk driver liable for what he or she did to you. If you do not own an auto insurance policy, you can still recover compensation from the driver. Here it is important to note that you can recover compensation even if the driver does not have an insurance policy.

If the court finds that the driver was guilty, the jury can hold a hearing termed as sentence haring for victims. The jury will inquire whether you have faced any economic losses not covered by insurance. A good example of this is your deductible. The driver will be ordered by the court to pay you for the losses. In case the driver does not act upon the order, the court can revoke the drivers probation and may send him or her to the jail. A good personal injury attorney can assist you in recovering the right amount of compensation you deserve.

Another thing that you must keep in mind is that if a drunk driver has injured you, then you may recover more compensation if it was discovered that the driver was not sober. It is in the knowledge of insurance adjuster that the court awards additional punitive damages to the victim if the guilty driver is found extremely drunk. Although the majority of cases that involve DUI drivers are not taken to the court, but by hiring a lawyer you can maximize the amount of compensation you can obtain.

What would you do in case the drunken trucker does not own an insurance policy? In such a case, you have to consider a lot of things. If the owner of the car is not the driver, then the owner of the vehicle may have the insurance policy. In addition, if you or your loved one is seriously injured or killed, you should try to get compensation from the driver. For this purpose, you should hire a bona fide, experienced Sacramento car accident lawyer to make things easier.

If the drunken trucker was visible drunk and was still having alcohol, the tavern or bar may be held financially responsible for the injury or death occurred due to the driver. From legal perspective, the situations are complex and with hiring a good personal injury solicitor in California, you may not know whether it is worth taking the case to the court of law. So, think on it and find a lawyer that is best suitable for you. Hope you will find this article helpful. Thanks!

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