How Inept Medical Professionals Can Injure Your Newborn and How to Claim Compensation in Sacramento, CA

According to the latest surveys, the number of birth injury cases is on the rise the past few years. Most of these cases occur due to medical malpractice. What should you do in case your baby becomes a victim of a medical malpractice? Read on to find out more.

Brain trauma is among the most common birth injuries that can be inflicted upon a child. This might happen in a variety of ways:

Brain injury is one of the more common types of birth injury. When too much pressure is put on the baby when it passes thru the birth canal, the tissue of the baby may have inflammation that may disappear a few days after birth. But if the swelling does not disappear soon, it is time to get in touch with a medical malpractice lawyer in California.

At times, doctors use tools, such as forceps and vacuum pumps in order to make the delivery easier. Improper use of any of these tools can cause serious injury to the head of the baby.

During the process of delivery, cerebral palsy is among the most common consequences of head injury. There are several reasons behind it, such as head injury can cause shortage of oxygen to the brain. Aside from this, facial paralysis can also occur due to an injury during the delivery.

Moreover, awkward position of the baby and complicated delivery can contribute to umbilical cords twisting around the neck. This may cause strangulation or termination of the supply of oxygen to the brain. The result of this can be cerebral palsy, paralysis and even death. It is possible detect this condition via proper monitoring. Also, caesarean is compulsory and its absence can lead to irreversible damages.

No matter what type of injury your baby sustained, you should go and hire a good medical malpractice attorney in California. The fact is that most of these complications may occur during the period of pregnancy. Another important point is that in most cases it is possible to diagnose the complications and handle them; however, some uncommon complications are difficult to diagnose and treat.

This is because both the mother and the baby are monitored by a team of doctors during pregnancy months. Doctors use high-end equipment in order to make sure both the mother and the baby remain safe and the process of delivery takes place successfully. So, if the baby suffers from an injury in the process of delivery, the doctors may be responsible because they may have committed medical negligence.

There are several reasons why you should get in touch with a birth injury lawyer in California. It can be a criminal offence to commit medical malpractice in a hospital in California. So, you should hire a lawyer in order to protect your rights and acquire compensation from the negligent doctor. With the assistance of a lawyer in California, you will be able to get the reasonable amount of compensation from the defendant. Hope you will find this article helpful.

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