If Your Personal Injury Attorney Drops Your Case, Don’t Give Up

Do not worry if your lawyer says that your case is not worthy of being taken to the court. You should look for another personal injury lawyer. There is no shortage of lawyers out there. However, not all lawyers are ready to invest the time and effort to handle your case. Read on to find out more about what you should do if your lawyer drops your case.

Most personal injury attorneys work on contingency basis. Your lawyer will have to negotiate with the lawyer of the opposing party in order to recover the right amount of compensation. So, the role of the lawyer is very important in this case.

Some attorneys, however, take slam-dunk lawsuits. This means they take only those case that they can easily win. This type of lawyers does not want to spend the required amount of time and effort to research the case. It goes without saying that complicated cases are not easy to handle.

A lot of time, effort should be invested to research and collect evidence. When a lawyer who is habitual of dealing with simple cases takes a case that turns out to be difficult later, then they may drop the case in order to avoid doing research. The majority of such lawyers pronounce such cases dead. They also say that the case has no merit and cannot be taken to the court. Go ahead and find another competent lawyer.

Around two months ago, two clients came to an attorney and asked him to handle two cases which their previous attorneys had dropped saying that they were dead. The first case had been drop two times by two lawyers. And the second case had been dropped only once by one lawyer. He studied their cases and convinced them that their cases could be handled and that they could recover compensation. The attorney took the cases, worked hard and put forward the required amount of effort. Fortunately, he won both of the cases with flying colors. He succeeded in settling the first case for around $300,000. The second case was settled for around $120,000. The settlements were done as a result of the time and effort he invested into the cases. He had to research the applicable laws, case facts, city codes and take statements from eyewitnesses. Every lawyer should be ready to research and gather factors in order to win the case.

As a client, you should make sure to research and fine a good lawyer to handle your case. Before deciding on choosing a lawyer, you should interview each lawyer and ensure the lawyer pays attention to your case. Otherwise, you will likely end up hiring an incompetent lawyer. Some lawyers are habitual of dropping lawsuits for the same reasons. You should not give up if your lawyer drops your case. All you have to do is to consult another more competent lawyer. You need not worry as most of lawyers offer free consultations.

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