Online Sexual Harassment Incidents in Sacramento, CA — Things you should know

Over time, sexual harassment cases are going up on the Internet. Perpetrators, nowadays, are making use of their computers in order to harass others. They are using the Internet for this purpose, because the use of Internet on mobile phones is on the rise. Almost every online worker makes use of mobile phones in order to stay connected with his or her employers, colleagues, friends and family members. So, they have to keep mobile communication or they will lose touch with their employers, which may result in job loss.

It is a misconception that sexual harassment incidents happen with those workers only who work in a physical office or workplace. The fact is that one out of every three jobholders now work through the Internet. They are connected to the offices of the company located in different parts of the world. So, in order to prevent harassment, it is the duty of the employers to include training lessons in the training material describing the harms of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Sexual harassers make use of a wide variety of means in order to harass their victims. One of the most commonly used medium is the email service. In this case, the victim receives emails containing sexual texts, pictures or other stuff in their inbox. Usually, these emails are sent by their fellow workers or employers. Due to these emails, the work environment gets effected and the victim fails to work properly, leading to reduced productivity. As a result, the harassment causes a considerable harm to the reputation of the company as well. If you have been a victim of online sexual harassment in California, then you should choose to file a case against the sender of the email. To make things a bit easier, you can hire the services of an experienced lawyer in California.

Looking at porn on the Internet even if it is not part of an e-mail can be taken as sexual harassment. For example, if you hear or see videos or pictures of sexual nature, you may consider filing a claim against the harasser. The rule is that no one should keep their personal stuff on a computer they work on in the workplace. Last but not least, social media sites, such as FaceBook and Twitter, have become a serious issue for employers. This means harassment can take place when someone shares a sexual comment, photo or video on FaceBook in order to harass others. Aside from that, status updates is another means used by others to harass others in the workplace. Comments posted below a photo also sometimes come under harassment. The best solution to this problem is that employees should not use these sites while they are working online. They should use this in their free time only.

The crux of the matter is that employers should keep on providing training to their workers in order to keep harassment cases to minimum. Every year, these incidents increase and that is a serious problem. Employees also should also cooperate with their employers in order to get rid of this problem.

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