Guest Trips And Falls At Sacramento Hotel, Part 2 of 8

(Please note: the names and locations of all parties have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the participants in this slip and fall/personal injury case and its proceedings.)


On Saturday, September 2, 2005, plaintiff and her husband flew into town with another couple to celebrate plaintiff’s 40th birthday. The two couples planned to share a suite for one night at the ABC Hotel. Upon their arrival at the Hotel, they had some food and alcohol at a Hotel bar and went swimming while they waited for their room.

Later that afternoon, the four arrived at their suite. The hotel suite is a bright room, well illuminated by natural light from large picture windows and bright decor comprised of white couches, white carrera marble table tops on bright turquoise table bases, light gray and white walls, and grey carpeting to better reflect the light. Their collective luggage was transported by a bellhop, who placed the luggage in the suite. In total, there were seven or eight pieces of luggage, all of them black in color.

Based on the collective deposition testimony, plaintiff and her companions brought the following luggage: (1) plaintiff brought a duffle bag; (2) Mark Smith brought a garment bag, computer bag, and his wife’s breast pump bag; and (3) Alice and Randy Chin each brought a roller bag with an accompanying duffle bag.

Plaintiff’s husband tipped the bellman $10 for his services. Plaintiff knew that the hotel bellman had delivered the luggage.

Shortly after their arrival in the suite, plaintiff was speaking with her friend in the bedroom. They both stood near the doorway which separated the bedroom from the common area. However, plaintiff had her back to the common area as she was facing toward her friend during the conversation. At the end of the conservation, plaintiff was stepping backwards not watching where she was walking and tripped over the stack of luggage. (See Part 3 of 8.)

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