Family Of Deceased Sacramento Man File Elder Abuse Suit, Part 4 of 10

(Please note: the names and locations of all parties have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the participants in this wrongful death/elder abuse case and its proceedings.)


At 2255, paramedics arrived at the residence of Sean Ryan in Stockton, California after a 911 call had been placed at 2251. Once on the scene, the paramedics found a 61 year-old male weighing approximately 400 pounds in full arrest. Ryan had no pulse and apneic with fixed and dilated pupils. He was cool to the touch in a warm house. Paramedics were advised by a man on the scene that Mr. Ryan had been down for less than 15 minutes. CPR was initiated and Mr. Ryan had no pulse electrical activity with an initial cardiac rhythm of 20 beats per minute, followed by asystole. The patient was hyperventilated prior to intubation.

Epinephrine and normal saline were given down the endotrachcal tube. The patient remained in asystole. IV access was attempted twice with no access gained. Mr. Ryan was transported to The Medical Center with ALS C-3 with one fire on board. He was turned over to the Emergency Department physician and nursing staff at 2321, approximately 26 minutes after the paramedics arrived on the scene, and approximately 41 minutes after Mr. Ryan was first determined to be down.

At 2322, after being presented to the Emergency Department, Mr. Ryan’s pupils were fixed and dilated and he had no pulse electrical activity. CPR was administered. At 2329, medications were administered via IV. Mr. Ryan remained in asystole throughout the hold count.

At 2330, Mr. Ryan continued to be asystolic with medications and CPR being administered. He remained asystolic throughout the next 13 minutes with additional doses of medication, hold counts, and CPR administered. At 2345, Dr. Greene called the end of the Code, at which time the patient was pronounced deceased.

When Sean Ryan arrived via ambulance at The Medical Center at approximately 2321 on June 1, 2008, he was dead and could not be resuscitated. When the paramedics arrived on the scene at 2255, Sean Ryan was already determined to be in full cardiac arrest and had reportedly been down for an additional 15 minutes. The paramedics who responded to the scene then recorded that over the course of the next 26 minutes before Mr. Ryan arrived at the hospital, he continued to be in full cardiac arrest, he was cool to the touch, he did not respond to full advanced life support resuscitation efforts, and his pupils remained fixed and dilated. Thus, Mr. Ryan could not be resuscitated and was clinically dead upon his arrival at The Medical Center at approximately 2321, because he had been in documented fill cardiac arrest with pulseless electrical activity for at least 26 minutes, with associated fixed and dilated pupils, and he failed to have any response to the advanced life support measures performed upon him. (See Part 5 of 10.)

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