Physicians From Sacramento Responsible For Child’s Birth Injury, Part 4 of 6

(Please note: the names and locations of all parties have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the participants in this birth injury/personal injury case and its proceedings.)

In the instant matter, plaintiffs are entitled to an order compelling University to further respond to plaintiffs’ Special Interrogatories, Numbers One through Seven.

First, repeated attempts to meet and confer and to obtain the information from defendants have been unsuccessful. Plaintiffs received University’s written responses to their first set of special interrogatories on May 16, 2002, after granting four extensions. Thereafter, in an attempt to meet and confer over the inadequacy of the responses, plaintiffs sent a letter to University outlining the alleged deficiencies in responses to Special Interrogatories, One through Seven.

Thereafter, although defendant agreed to provide further responses to the specified interrogatories, no response has been received as of the date of this motion. Moreover, most recent additional meet and confer attempts by counsel for plaintiffs have been met with silence. Because, as discussed in detail below, University has not provided further responses to plaintiffs’ interrogatories after agreeing to do so, plaintiffs are entitled to an order compelling defendant University to provide further responses.

More importantly, the information being requested from University is directly relevant to the issue of negligence in this birth injury case.

In essence, the Special Interrogatories plaintiffs seek to compel request the identity of witnesses known to University who may have observed the events surrounding the birth of the minor plaintiff. Thus, the information being withheld by defendants is directly relevant to the issue of negligence. (See Part 5 of 6.)

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