Root Canal Gone Wrong

For many people, going to the dentist is something to be dreaded. Maybe it’s the worry over a dentist’s drilling or the general dislike of having someone poke around in your mouth, but most people wouldn’t mind putting off a dentist appointment as long as possible. However, dental care is essential to overall health, and you shouldn’t be skipping out on dentist appointments.

Like other doctors, dentists are also subjected to medical malpractice from time to time, and patients should expect the same standard of care from dentists as they would any other doctor or physician. Unfortunately, some dentists do slip up from time to time, as was the case with a root canal operation that went painfully wrong.

Back in March 2011, Supriya Sarin went to see her dentist, Darryl Simms, at the Farmington Family Dentistry for a root canal procedure. This procedure is used on teeth that are decaying or are infected, and with a good dentist, they can be saved. During the root canal procedure, a dentist will go into the tooth were the nerve and any pulp may be hiding. After cleaning this out, he or she will thoroughly clean the tooth and then reseal it to try and prevent the infection from happening again. Most people assume this procedure is very painful, but others report it as no more painful than the average tooth filling.

After Sarin’s surgery was finished, she said that she was in pain whenever she ate, slept, or was even resting. In short, she was in constant pain. Thus far, there have not been any possible cures for her discomfort, though dentists and doctors have tried.

Meanwhile, Sarin went ahead and filed a malpractice lawsuit against Simms and won her case. The jury granted her $4.5 million in damages. According to the lawsuit, Simms had cut into Sarin’s mouth and went too far down, which made for a very deep hole within her mouth. When he added the sealer, the lawsuit says that it went much farther down than usual and settled in the jaw where it hit a vital nerve. This is what doctors believe is causing such terrible pain.

You might be surprised, but oral health actually affects other parts of your body, so when you have to have oral surgery, you should take it seriously and listen to your dentist’s advice about what eat, drink or do. Here are some easy tips to make sure that your mouth heals properly after oral surgery.

• Anticipate the pain and have painkillers ready. You will more than likely experience so form of pain, and it’s easier to prevent it than get rid of it. Have your pain pills ready for the right time.
• Do not make plans for the rest of the day. Take the day off and relax. Doing too much can prolong the healing process.
• Do not do any exercise for 12 to 24 hours after the surgery. Overexerting yourself can increase the pain or even loosen blood clots. Skip the gym and take a breather.
• Reach out to your dentist or oral surgeon if you mouth continues to feel numb six hours after the surgery is over. Some dentists and surgeons will be able to inject steroids into your mouth. This will help your mouth return to normal at a faster rate.
• Follow your doctor’s advice for controlling any bleeding. Bleeding is natural, but if you experience it for several hours and it’s coming out thick, call a doctor immediately.

Remember, if anything feels off or strange in your mouth, it’s important that you seek medical attention immediately. Your mouth could be infected, and the disease could affect other parts of your body.

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