Sacramento Bus Driver Severly Injures Pedestrian, Part 3 of 7

(Please note: the names and locations of all parties have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the proceedings.)

A. Physical Injuries.

The bus struck Diane Cash from the left, as she walked eastbound on Campus Commons Road across University Avenue. Ms. Cash fell and hit her head and her right side on the street pavement. Her first recollection is of waking up and lying on wet pavement, staring at the headlights of the bus. She was disoriented and felt like she was going to die. As she laid on the ground, she heard her friend, with whom she had been speaking on her cell phone, calling out to her. Ms. Cash dragged herself in the direction of her friend’s voice. She felt for her cell phone and found it nearby on the pavement. She was able to call 911.

The Sacramento Fire Department responded to the emergency, assisted Ms. Cash, and the medics reported a chief complaint of head pain. Ms. Cash was transported by ambulance to Mercy General in Sacramento.

At Mercy, Ms. Cash was found to have headache, head contusion and cephalic (head) hematoma, in addition to right shoulder, right leg, and back pain. The examining physician stated: There was questionable loss of consciousness although the patient states she felt disoriented. X-rays were taken of the cervical and lumbar spine. The clinical impression, was as follows:


1. Acute motor vehicle accident.
2. Closed head trauma without acute loss of consciousness secondary to number 1.
3. Cervical/lumbar strain secondary to number one.

Diane Cash tried to drive home that night after leaving the hospital. She was confused and was weaving on the road. She was stopped by the CHP for weaving across the center line. The officer saw Ms. Cash’s hospital discharge papers in the vehicle’s front seat, and did not cite Ms. Cash.

The collision occurred early on Friday evening, February 6, 2005. At home after the collision, Diane Cash went to bed and stayed there for many hours. She slept a great deal. She was nauseous, confused, and felt dull and slow, all symptoms of traumatic head injury. She had bruising on the right side of her head where she struck the ground, a severe headache and a frontal abrasion on her left forehead. She was also in overall serious pain. (See Part 4 of 7.)

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