Sacramento Business Sued For Sexual Harassment, Part 2 of 8.

The facts in this case can be briefly summarized as follows:


Prior to June of 2004, ABC Automobiles hired a 19-year-old female (not a plaintiff), to work in the Sacramento location. Stevens, who was at all times herein married and middle-aged, began sexually harassing this young girl. He kissed her on her second day at work and told her he loved her. He put his hand on her thigh while training her and repeatedly touched her and winked at her. She was so upset that she went to her doctor to see if the anxiety Stevens was causing her was making her sick. She also complained to her co-worker, Ms. Brown.

Ms. Brown called Amy Webb, head of Human Relations for ABC Automobiles. Ms. Webb investigated the matter and determined that Mr. Stevens was, in fact, sexually harassing the young woman.

Ms. Webb held a meeting attended by both David Stevens and Bill Armstrong in which she reprimanded Mr. Stevens, in the presence of Bill Armstrong, for sexually harassing this young woman. Mr. Stevens apologized. ABC Automobiles found the young woman a new job. Mr. Stevens continued to work for ABC Automobiles at the Sacvramento location. Ms. Webb’s notes of the incident are referenced below.

Although ABC Automobiles should have terminated or transferred Mr. Stevens, the incident at the very least put the ABC Automobiles corporation and Bill Armstrong on notice that Mr. Stevens was a sexual harasser, and that if uncontrolled Stevens might continue to harass females in its Sacramento location.

For the next two years neither ABC Automobiles nor its Regional Director, Bill Armstrong, nor its President, Bob James, did their duty to control their employee, Mr. Stevens. Mr. Stevens continued to harass females in the Sacramento location on a daily basis.

As a result of the foregoing, ABC Automobiles is strictly liable in damages to plaintiffs for all the injuries plaintiffs suffered, including economic damages, general damages, and attorney fees, as set forth below: (See Part 3 of 8.)

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