Sacramento Dog Bite Victim Requires Surgery, Part 6 of 7.

(Please note: the names and locations of all parties have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the proceedings.)

Since the attack, Ms. Rich tried to return to work approximately one week post-incident and has tried to work intermittently since the incident, but has been unable to return to her full duties over the past 12 months because of her back and leg pain. She continues to receive significant medical care. Dr. Shortley stated the following about her past and future employment:

“Ms. Rich was working long hours prior to the dog attack March 17, 2006… Because of the persistence of her pain and neurologic loss in spite of reducing her workload it is probable that Ms. Rich will not be able to return to the work schedule he enjoyed before the dog attack. Therefore it is probable that he will not be able to work the number of hours and will have wage loss that will be ongoing into the future.”

Dr. Shortley’s report is referenced herein.

On average, Ms. Rich earned $6,437.40 per month before the attack at her home office law practice. After the dog attack she earned $5,450.27. Therefore, she had a $987.13 loss per month. Financial records are referenced herein.

By March 30, 2006, Ms. Rich earned $26,640.34 ($8,880.11 average per month) from her local office practice before the attack, and by May 2006 her year-to-date income was only $35,910.34. She only earned $9,270.00 in April and May, or $4,635.00 per month after the attack. Therefore, she has earned approximately $4,245.11, less per month from this portion of her practice. Those financial records are referenced herein.

Therefore, Ms. Rich has the following wage loss.
Sacramento Law Practice ($987.13 x 12 months) $ 11,845.56
National Legal Services ($4,635 x 12 months) $ 55,620.00
Total Past Wage Loss $ 67,465.56

As indicated, Ms. Rich is 55 years of age. It is conservatively estimated she will work another 10 years. As demonstrated above, her wage loss is $67,465.56 per year. Dr. Shortley states this wage loss will be “ongoing.” Her future wage loss claim therefore is, $674,655.60. (See Part 7 of 7.)

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