Sacramento Midtown Car Chase Ends in Crash

A car chase in Sacramento’s midtown area ended in a three-vehicle crash Tuesday night, with the driver of a stolen car sent to a hospital with major injuries, California Highway Patrol officials said. The chase started at 16th and X streets about 8:40 p.m. when a CHP officer in a cruiser saw a car traveling the wrong way on 16th Street, said Sgt. Dan Brito of the CHP. The officer tried to stop the gray early-’90s model Toyota Camry when it accelerated, Brito said.

During the high-speed pursuit, the driver of the Camry swerved to avoid the crash but lost control and began fish-tailing down X Street, Brito said. Near the end of the block, the Camry slammed into a parked Toyota Corolla, mangling the car and sending a Volvo station wagon parked in front of it careening down the street, where it slammed into a nearby apartment building about 100 feet away.

The Camry, which had been reported stolen, flipped onto its roof, ejecting two passengers onto the nearby freeway embankment and trapping the driver and front passenger in the car, Brito said. The driver of the car sustained major injuries in the crash, Brito said. The passengers, described as boys about 16 years old, were apparently uninjured in the crash but were taken to UC Davis Medical Center, along with the driver, as a precaution, Brito said.

In this incident, no bystanders or CHP officers were injured. But that is not always the case during these often dangerous pursuits. These high-speed police chases have come under increased scrutiny throughout California because innocent drivers and pedestrians are put in jeopardy by both the civilian and law enforcement participants.

Incidents like the above commonly occur on our streets, and they underscore the need for all drivers and pedestrians to be vigilant as they go about their business each day.

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