Safer Cars For our Sacramento Freeways

Many car accidents happen each day right here in Sacramento. Turn on the news or radio and you will see a dozen of stories from the day’s events and the resulting injuries and traumas coming from them. I know the amount of stories we hear at the Law Offices of Moseley Collins can get somewhat frightening and startling. It’s something we deal with on a daily basis.

So, what is it that we can do to prevent it? Well, although we may not be able to prevent car accidents completely, there are things we can do to help minimize injury and damage if one was to occur. One of these is the kind of car you drive and how safe it is on the road. It’s an important aspect many people may neglect due to financial or other factors, so we think it’s important to raise some awareness on the subject

We often hear about statistics and numbers on how safe or approved a car is… do you want to see it for yourself? Consumer reports came out with a video documenting how different cars fare up to a crash test. It shows the test in slow motion as well, letting the viewer see how their car would hold up in a front and side impact crash. Some of these aren’t meant for the faint of heart, but you should take a look for yourself.

I was pleased to see my daughter’s car, a Ford Fusion, held up well in the crash test. Unfortunately, the car she is planning on purchasing in the future, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, didn’t do so hot… Well, I guess we will have to talk about that decision. But it’s certainly better to know now than at a future (and more costly) date.

Take a look and compare the results yourself…

Click here to see how your car holds up.


Don’t Let Your Statute of Limitations Run Out

In California, the law imposes a statute of limitations, which sets a maximum amount of time that legal proceedings can occur after the date of the accident or other incident. Each year at our Law Office, people call me to ask me for help that have legitimate cases, only to find their statute of limitations has already run out. It is one of the most difficult things for me to tell them I can’t help because they waited too long. If you wait to take action, you may have the best case in the world, and be very deserving of receiving compensation, but your claim is harshly lost forever. Don’t let this happen to you!

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