Serious Clinical Negligence and Role of Birth Injury Lawyers in California

According to statistics, the majority of deliveries end up successfully, and both the baby and the mother stay after delivery. However, some birth traumas and complications are due to clinical negligence. Each year, several newborn babies sustain injuries due to the negligence of doctors and nurses. Read on to know more about it.

The birth of a baby is a moment of immense happiness for the parents. After delivery, both the mother and the baby should be given as much care as possible. But accidents can happen due to malpractice or the negligence of doctors. In some cases the family has to tolerate this pain for the rest of the baby’s life. Most of birth traumas can be treated, while some are untreatable. In very serious cases, the baby may not survive.

Birth injuries have been divided into various types. Birth traumas can take place during delivery or after delivery. Common types may include facial palsy, cerebral palsy, brachial injury, cracked placenta, umbilical complications, skin irritations, brain damage, arm fractures just to name a few. Birth injury sustained by the mother includes vaginal tears, infections, fissures and so on and so forth.

Clinical negligence can lead to different types of birth traumas. At times, injuries occur due to the fault of an inexperienced doctor while taking care of delivery process. In such a case you should hire a birth injury lawyer in California to file a case against the negligence doctor. Other reasons for injuries can be improper treatment during or after delivery.

Statistics also show that sometimes nurses or doctors cause injury to the baby or mother in haste. Some injuries are occasioned by lack of oxygen flow to the head of the baby. Delays in birth can lead to lack of oxygen.

One of the most common causes of birth injury is improper care given to the infant during pregnancy. Your gynecologist must carry out all the tests and procedures properly in order to prevent injuries. If she does not do so, you may go hire a birth trauma lawyer in California to sue her.

According to doctors, some injuries appear after weeks of delivery, especially if problems go undetected. Some tests should be taken by all newly born babies before they are released from the hospital. Chances of injuries rise when the doctors miss some of the important tests.

If you or your baby has sustained an injury due to the fault of the doctor, it is highly recommended that you get in touch with the most reliable and experienced birth injury attorney in California in order to sue the hospital or doctor and recover compensation. The lawyer will look into your case in order to do research and come up with an answer about whether you really have a case worth taking to the court of law, and whether you can obtain compensation. The lawyer will help you win and recover compensation. Hope this helps.

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