Severe Injury Results From Amusement Park Ride

Injuries associated with amusement park rides always leave me a bit uneasy, and I find I am reminded of them any time our State Fair comes to our Sacramento home or when my family pleads with me to go to Disneyland. Recently, a lawsuit has been brought against a Six Flags Theme Park located in Kentucky. In this amusement park case, a 13-year old girl, Kaitlyn, was severely injured while on the Six Flag’s Superman ride. According to the case, one of the cables on the ride broke off, hitting Kaitlyn and severing off both of her feet.

The young girl felt the cable whip against her body and instantly smelt a foul, burning odor. She was taken to the hospital and doctors were able to reattach one, but sadly not both, of her feet. Kaitlyn and her family are suing the amusement park for “failing to maintain the equipment and to ensure rider’s safety”. So far, the amusement park has denied any liability in Kaitlyn’s accident. However, the ride has been shut down and dismantled since the date of her injury.

Amusement park injuries are more common than we would like to believe. In 2005, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission put out a report that listed 15,000 injuries that occurred in the United States as a result of an amusement park ride. Amusement parks have the responsibility in maintaining a safe environment for its patrons and workers. If they fail in this regard, they may be found negligent and thus, liable, for any injuries that occur.

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