Sexual Harassment Claimed By Sacramento Women, Part 7 of 8


Ms. Adams is not a plaintiff. She is married and currently working in the Sacramento location of ABC Automobiles. Her deposition was taken and videotaped on April 1, 2008. Under current case law, her testimony will be admissible at trial. At her deposition Ms. Adams testified as follows:

1. She observed David Stevens’ offensive conduct on many occasions sexually harassing women at the office. She complained to both Mr. Armstrong and the corporate office. Nothing was done.

2. At a conference in San Jose, David Stevens asked her and another female employee of ABC Automobiles to have three-way sex with him. The women were offended and very uncomfortable with his comments. Ms. Adams reported this to the appropriate persons at ABC Automobiles. Again, nothing was done.

3. At a staff meeting on April 26, 2006, attended by Mr. Stevens, Ms. Webb led a discussion concerning inappropriate sexual behavior in the work place. Immediately after the meeting Mr. Stevens walked up to another female employee and pinched her buttocks. Ms. Adams complained to Bill armstrong but he did nothing.

4. Ms. White regularly complained to Amy Webb about Mr. Stevens’ inappropriate behavior. Ms. Black also complained to Bill Armstrong, in Ms. Webb’s presence.


Ms. White had been home sick when David Stevens passed out the Victoria’s Secret packets on May 1, 2006. The following day, as the investigation began into Mr. Stevens’ behavior, Bill Armstrong called Ms. White and told her that she wasn’t needed and that she would be put on “on-call” status. Ms. White was shocked because with David Stevens on administrative leave, she was needed more than ever. Ms. White suspected she was being terminated by Bill Armstrong because she had often complained to him about David Stevens’ behavior, and because she had explicitly warned Mr. Armstrong that ABC Automobiles was vulnerable to legal trouble if he didn’t control David Stevens.

Several days later, an employee from ABC Automobiles called Ms. White to apologize for Mr. Armstrong’s decision and asked her to return. She declined as bill Armstrong was still in charge of the Sacramento location. (See Part 8 of 8.)

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