Some Facts that You Should Know About Auto Accidents

The information available regarding auto accidents is quite enormous. However, there is still a seeming lack of prudence for many motorists and pedestrians around the globe. There are people who are still driving arrogantly and carelessly as if the news they hear and watch on TV isn’t real. The fact is, there have been millions of lives taken by auto accidents all over the world. If you would take time to browse the internet or read the news paper, disturbing statistics of car crashes may cause you to be alarmed. There is an average of six million auto accidents per year in the country and trends show that it is still growing as years go by.


1. Drunk Driving – With all the reminders coming from all media outlets, it is frustrating to know that drunk driving composes 40% of total auto accidents in the country. It’s worth taking note that most of these crashes happen between 12:00 am and 3am in the morning. From 40% it rises to a booming 75% of total fatal crashes in these hours. Driving involves a certain level of discipline and maturity. After a drinking spree and you can barely see the traffic lights, it means you have had enough so don’t push your luck. An auto accident is something that you wouldn’t want to experience. Pull off and take some rest to regain sobriety.

2. Common Composition of Auto Accidents– Commonly, the people who are in a higher risk in an auto accident is those people from the age of 16 – 20 years old. School children are also easy target of car crashes. There is an average of 15 school children getting killed each year. The trend also shows that accidents are more likely to happen at 3pm to 4pm after school on weekdays. Some studies also show that the bigger the engine of a vehicle, the bigger the chance of getting involved in auto accidents. Sports cars are the most involved vehicles in road accidents. Male drivers tend to cause more accidents than female drivers. In this gender statistic, 300,000 of them are teens involved and injured yearly, with 5,000 teenage deaths due to auto accidents.

3. Circumstances – Many people are not aware that there are different types of auto accidents. The most common are called rear-end collisions, collision, side impacts, suicides, and the most deadly – roll overs. Contrary to the common belief, most auto accidents happen 5 km near the homes of victims. These misfortunes are considered the most fatal injury around the world. Records of text/call while driving are also rising. This habit increases your chance of getting in an accident by four times than a driver who is not talking or texting on a phone.

The facts mentioned above are the most prevalent data in many studies by reputable organizations and agencies. An informed citizen makes intelligent decisions in times of need.

It is a good idea if you enroll in first aid class training. Many injuries are aggravated by mishandling of patients. If you witness a road crash, call for medical assistance the soonest possible. It’s hard to determine how long a patient can last after a tremendous impact. Investing in car insurance should also be part of your monthly budget whether you are a driver or just a pedestrian. It’s better to be prepared than sorry. Lawyers are very helpful folks. They can help you make people accountable and responsible within the legal reach.

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