Sources of Car Accident Compensation

One very important reason to hire an experienced attorney like Moseley Collins for your car accident is his experience in finding fair compensation. Simply filing a suit against the insured person’s insurance isn’t always enough. Often, the policy isn’t enough to cover all the damages done in a car accident. It may simply be insufficient to cover extensive damages.

It is at this moment that car accident victims often feel doubly victimized. Feelings of panic and fear race through their minds constantly. Where will the money come from to restore the damages done? Who will pay for the injuries and loss of income if the negligent drivers insurance isn’t enough to compensate?

Every accident victim requires someone who will resourcefully scout out every avenue of compensation in all areas of recovery. Only an experienced personal injury attorney can accomplish this successfully. There are several other routes available to recoup the expenses of an extensive accident. The victim driver and his/her passengers may have injuries and damages that should be part of a claim on another individual or entity that bears a responsibility in the accident.

Other liable parties in an auto accident can include other owners of the car, government agencies, employers, auto manufacturers and uninsured motorists. Each avenue must be explored to find all parties responsible for the accident and damages, including injuries and loss of wages. One or all of those listed may be responsible to reimburse the victim for damages. It takes a lawyer of considerable skill and experience to be able to track down all possible parties who bear responsibility in a car accident.

Employers can be held liable in a variety of circumstances. If the driver of a work vehicle is injured during the course of a work day, in the act of a work related activity, the employer may be responsible. Causes could be faulty equipment, vehicles that are not up to code or have not been properly maintenance and improper training.

The same goes if the victim is harmed by someone at work. If an employee is found responsible for injuring another person while on the job, the employer can be held responsible. Should an employee be drunk or under the influence of drugs and harm another employee, customer or innocent by-stander, the company bears some responsibility. What that responsibility is to what degree is discovered in trial.

Government agencies can also be held responsible for auto accidents. In many cases state roads or even city and county roads are either designed faulty or fall into disrepair and are not maintenance. Stop lights, walk signals, stop signs and other road instruments and tools can be faulty or damaged and be partially responsible for an accident.

A car accident claim filed against a government entity is a lengthy and complicated process. Cases that may have a claim against the government in part or in whole should always be handled by a competent attorney. Not only are the complicated but also contain many strict deadlines and legal loopholes that must be addressed. Improper road signs or improper speed limit postings are other examples of where a government facility can be at fault in a car accident.

Car makers can also be held responsible or partially responsible for auto accidents. Slipshod design and defective manufacturing of automobiles can happen. If these issues are the cause of aid in an accident, the manufacturer of the car can be held totally or partially responsible.

Auto crashes caused by faulty manufacturing issues can include airbags, tires, seat belts and other issues with the car. Vehicle explosions, roof crushes, rollovers and other structural malfunctions are design issues that the car maker is responsible for.

Simply filing a claim against the negligent drivers insurance is not always enough to gain back everything a car accident can take from the victims. Hire an attorney who can show you everywhere to look.

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