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Spinal Cord Injuries can be a devastating result of an accident. In our Personal Injury Law Firm in Sacramento, CA, we have experienced many cases in which the person injured suffered this loss. I believe it is important to give a brief overview of the injury, especially for those who have suffered it personally or know someone that has. Please know that if you or someone you love has suffered from spinal cord injury in an accident, you can always call us at the Law Offices of Moseley Collins. We are here to help.

What is Spinal Cord Injury?

Spinal cord injury, also know as myelopathy, occurs when the spinal cord is damaged by either a trauma (such as the ones caused by an automobile accident) or disease. The result of the damage is a loss of sensation and/or movement. Extreme cases can even lead to paralysis.

In a spinal cord injury, the person has either a complete or incomplete injury. In a complete injury, there is no movement or sensation below the level of the injury.

In an incomplete injury, there is some sensation below the level of the injury. This injury has varied results, in which the person may be able to function better on one side of the body than the other side, feel body parts that cannot be moved, or move different parts of the body better than other parts.

In either case, the person is likely to need assistance for the most basic tasks, as getting dressed or having a shower.

Statistically, about 450,000 people in the United States have suffered from spinal cord injuries with 11,000 new injuries happening each year. Startling, 78% of the injured people are males between the ages 16-30 and 42% of spinal cord injuries are resulting from car accidents.

If you have been in a car crash with a resulting spinal cord injury, please call us right away. We are here to help.

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