Spinal Cord Injury Facts

In today’s world people can suffer a personal injury in many different cases. An injury which seems to be growing rapidly both in Sacramento and throughout the US is Spinal Cord Injury. You can severely injure your spine from a car accident, falling, sports, violence, and many other ways.

According to the Spinal Cord Injury Facts And Statistics:

# SCI injuries are most commonly caused by:

* Vehicular accidents 37%
* Violence 28%
* Falls 21%
* Sports-related 6%
* Other 8%

Spinal Cord Injuries can lead to Paraplegia or Quadriplegia. Paraplegia is when you loose feeling and movement in both your legs. Quadriplegia is when you lose feeling and movement in all four limbs (Legs and arms). Generally, treatment for persons with Quadriplegia costs almost triple the cost of treatment for persons with Paraplegia.

” * Length of initial hospitalization following injury in acute care units: 15 days
* Average stay in rehabilitation unit: 44 days
* Initial hospitalization costs following injury: $140,000
* Average first year expenses for a SCI injury (all groups): $198,000
* First year expenses for paraplegics: $152,000
* First year expenses for quadriplegics: $417,000
* Average lifetime costs for paraplegics, age of injury 25: $428,000
* Average lifetime costs for quadriplegics, age of injury 25: $1.35 million
* Percentage of SCI individuals who are covered by private health insurance at time of injury 52%

* Percentage of SCI individuals unemployed eight years after injury 63%. (Note: unemployment rate when this article was written was 4.7%)”

These firgures are national averages. The medical costs in Sacramento and throughout California are higher.

Here at the Law Office of Moseley Collins we have dealt with numerous Spinal Cord Injury cases. Moseley Collins has been a practicing personal injury lawyer in San Jose, Salinas, and Sacramento California for over 40 years and he believes that if you have been wrongfully injured and are now suffering from a spinal cord injury you should retain an experienced lawyer immediately. It is obvious that suffering from Spinal Cord Injuries results to large medical bills. Obtaining a personal injury attorney will help you recover the money you need and deserve.

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