Two Sacramento Women Hurt After Drunk Driver Runs His Car Into Salon

Could you imagine sitting in your lovely little Store, tending to customers or stocking the shelves with your newest products. You’re just Minding your own business, and having a regular day, when suddenly a van drives through the front door of your store. Glass shatters everywhere, Products are smashed under the tires of the van, and possibly someone is horribly injured by the van as well. To most people this sounds more like a nightmare than something that could actually happen to someone, but that wasn’t the case for two women in Sacramento CA. This nightmare became a reality when The two women were sitting in their Hair Salon working a normal day, when a man ran his van into the front window.

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The van careened through the front door of the salon connected to the Tops ‘n Bottoms clothing store on the 5200 block of Fruitridge Road around 3 p.m. Saturday, Sacramento police Sgt. Norm Leong said.

Leong said the owner and her niece were inside the store when the van crashed inside.

“He hit it full speed,” said Tops ‘n Bottoms owner. “There was no brake-pressing or anything like that.”

Witnesses said one of the women was trapped under the van and screaming before being rescued by passing pedestrians.

“I saw a young lady crawling out with blood all over her face,” Richardson said. “It was definitely crazy.”

Both victims were taken to the hospital with injuries.

Officers arrested the driver of the van, 55-year-old Johnny Walker, on possible DUI charges. Walker also faced charges on an outstanding warrant for drug possession in an unrelated case, Leong said.

Investigators were looking into what led to the crash.

Tops n’ Bottoms owner said he had seen at least six or seven traffic accidents on the busy Fruitridge stretch near his store since he took over three months ago. He hoped city officials would take a hard look at traffic through the area.

“They really do need to govern these streets a little more, add a light or two, a stop sign, something,” Tops n’ Bottoms owner said.

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