Understanding Main Reasons of Auto Accidents and How to Prevent Them

There are 32,885 people who died in auto accidents in 2010 according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Imagine the thousands of dreams shattered in those horrific deaths. On a worldwide scale, there is an average of 1.3 million people dying per year because of auto accidents. The number may not be as alarming if compared with the total no. of world’s population but it is worth-taking-note that the victims in these accidents are mostly between the ages of 15 – 29. These victims are mostly too young to die. Think of the things they could have done for themselves and for other people. The conclusion to that question is more disturbing.

There have been many studies regarding the auto accidents and there are adequate warnings to the public regarding the matter. One of the most interesting findings is the fact that people tend to be complacent when it comes to road safety. There is this kind of thinking that accidents only happen on TV. It’s very important to realize that the figures given in this article are real and they happen in real life. Auto accidents can be best avoided by knowing its main causes by heart and doing preventive measures.

Steering Wheel and a Bottle of Whisky don’t go together well

Drunk driving is the leading cause of auto accidents. This is very much true for teenagers and people in their twenties. To those people who are not aware, records of drunk driving can affect your insurance policy rates. If you are a regular party-goer, invest in your car insurance well.

There is nothing wrong with admitting that you are drunk. If you know you can’t walk in a straight line, better ask someone to drive you home. If you are drunk, admit it. In the first place that’s one of the reasons why you are in a party. There are 9,337 auto accidents caused by drunk driving in 2010, don’t aim to be one of them this year.

Stop being a Road Flash and a Road Outlaw

Speeding is obviously a bad habit in driving. No matter how late you are or how emotionally occupied you are always think rationally and never push things to the limit. The aftermath of an auto accident is never worth it. Think of the lives that you might take because of irresponsible driving. Beating the red light, ignoring traffic signs, and other road arrogance are signs that you have to review your driving lessons. Driving is a fun day-to-day activity and auto accidents are something that you should not look forward to.

Road Condition and Engine Problem

The first two mentioned auto accident causes are due to human error alone. Crashes due to risky road condition and engine problem are both error of judgment plus the external factors. Before driving your car, it is very important to check the brake, engine, lights, water, oil, and other things that will make a car reliable for a safe and sound trip. Negligence is very much part of auto accidents around the globe.

If you are driving in an unfamiliar terrain, it is very important to drive slowly. This will make you more flexible if there are adjustments that you have to take while driving. There are also road designs which are very impractical to motorist. The power to discern, whether a road is risky or not, should be part of your responsibility as a driver. Remember that a risky slope needs a slow approach. Never take chances. It’s easy to be involved in an auto accident but it will be hard to face the repercussions.

It is also important to be at the peak of your awareness while driving. Never drive in a drowsy mood. There are other unpredictable instances that may come along the way. An alert driver can always make necessary decision in just a glimpse of an eye but a sleepy driver can put everybody at the brink of death anytime.

Being a responsible driver is not only about the skill to drive but also the ability to make a necessary decision before getting in the car, while driving, and after a trip.


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