Vicious Dog Attacks Woman In Sacramento, Part 3 of 7.

(Please note: the names and locations of all parties have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the proceedings.)

Post-operatively, Ms. Rich has not done well. She has continued to have left foot drop, right and left foot pain, weakness, and numbness. She has taken numerous medications to control her pain level. She had a lumbar MRI on June 4, 2006. She had a lumbar myelogram and lumbar CT on June 19, 2006. The lumbar CT showed the following impression:

“Status post left laminectomy defect at L4-L5. Small area of protrusion of the disks at the L4-L5 level on the left which appears to compromise the left L5 nerve root. This may represent a disk fragment extending posterior and inferior at the L4-L5 level on the left.”

A copy of the CT and myelogram are referenced herein.

Ms. Rich has undergone a series of treatments both before and after her surgery. Jeff Jones, M.D., has performed the following procedures on Ms. Rich:

April 3, 2006 “Epidural steroid injection.”
May 3, 2006 “Epidural steroid injection.”
November 2006 “transforaminal epidural steroid injection at theL5 neuroforamen of the left…a selective nerve root block”
December 20, 2006 “pulsed radiofrequency lesioning of the dorsal root ganglion and the L5 nerve on the left.”
January 17, 2007 “L2 left sympathetic block.”
January 23, 2007 “L2 lumbar sympathetic block on the left.”

Dr. Jones’ records are referenced herein.

Plaintiff treated with Roseville Physical Therapy. She was treated for over 50 visits with a reduced charge in 2006. As of 2007, Ms. Rich has been charged full price for her treatment. She is continuing treatment two to three times per week. Those records are referenced herein.

In December 2006 and January 2007, plaintiff also underwent physical therapy with Richard Harty, P.T. Records were not available at this time. Ms. Rich is scheduled for weekly sessions in February and March. A copy of this schedule is referenced herein.

A EMG/NCS was performed by Ramnick Clair, M.D. FAAPMR on February 12, 2007. The impression concluded:

“The left peroneal CMAP is reduced secondary to atrophy of the EDB.
EMG examination is suggestive of chronic left L4-5 lumbar radiculopathy.”

A copy of this report is referenced herein.


Ms. Rich was injured in a bicycle crash in April 30, 1996, wherein he incurred some radiating low back pain. As a result he had a lumbar MRI taken on March 28, 1998. A copy of the report is referenced herein. Regarding L4-5 the report from 1996 states:

“Disc bulging is more prominent, and as mentioned, there is a small central annular tear. In addition, the facets are congenitally quite broad at this level, slightly larger on the patient’s left than right side, with a congenital triangular appearance of the spinal canal, mild combined congenital and acquired stenosis present.”

Ms. Rich fully recovered from her injuries by 2001. Between 2001 and the dog attack by Franz on March 17, 2006, Ms. Rich was very active and even completed several grueling triathalons. Ms. Rich was essentially symptom-free in her low back for five years prior to the vicious dog attack.

As stated above, the attack by Franz took place on March 17, 2006. On April 3, 2006, plaintiff underwent another lumbar MRI. A copy of the report is referenced herein. Regarding L4-5 the 2007 report states:

“There is both slight narrowing and desiccation of the L4-5 disc, associated with an annular bulge, tear, and what is probably a small amount of extruded disc material into the axillary portion of the canal on the left at this level, impinging on the left L5 root at its origin. Multilevel lumbar disc degeneration. Associated left posterolateral protrusion/extrusion, L4-5, with neuropathic impingement involving the left L5 root.” (See Part 4 of 7.)

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