Waitress Claims Harassment By Sacramento Bar Owner, Part 3 of 8.

8. Plaintiff is an excellent bartender and is personable, slim, trim and an attractive size 5/6. During late summer 2008, Plaintiff gained approximately 5 lbs. but nevertheless remained a size 5/6.

9. On October 7, 2008, Plaintiff was told by Steve Handley, General Manager, that she was too fat and needed to work in the kitchen until she lost weight. She was told she could not work at the bar up front and be visible to the public. Instead she had to go to the back and could only work in the kitchen until she lost weight. Further, she was told by Mr. Handley that when she lost the desired weight he would reward her by making out with her.

10. On October 17, 2008, Ms. Williams was written up for being complacent and was told she needed to be happier.

11. On October 21, 2008, Plaintiff inquired of Steve Handley as to how much weight she needed to lose in order to regain her position in the front bar where she could serve the public directly. She was told by Tamara Hill of Human Resources “5 to 6 lbs. to start with” implying that even if she lost 5 to 6 lbs. that may not be enough of a weight loss to satisfy management. It was clear that the rail-thin image was the female sexual stereotype management required.

12. Ms. Williams has also had to endure a sexually-charged work environment replete with sexual-stereotyping and sexual harassment throughout her employment.

13. Plaintiff’s superior, Dan Black, Nighthawk’s bar manager, would make constant sexually-based comments, continual sexual innuendo and engaged in inappropriate touching. As examples:

(a) Throughout Ms. Williams’ employment Mr. Black would come up behind her and “hump” her leg rubbing and pumping his thighs and crotch area against her leg in a sexual manner. This occurred on at least five occasions.

(b) A common parting greeting was “See ya in the shower!” by Mr. Black to Plaintiff and other female employees.

(c) On one occasion the females were discussing laser hair removal and Mr. Black jumped into the conversation stating, “I’ll pierce your butt crack 300 times and make myself a sandwich!”

(See Part 4 of 8.)

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