3-year-old Boy in Critical Condition after Drunk Driving Accident

May 1st was a scary day for some motorists in Antioch, California, not very far from our capital Sacramento. Twenty five year old Pittsburg residents Shawna George and Nicole Berry crashed their SUV, which contained Shawna’s two young boys in the back seat. The Police believe Nicole Berry and Shawna George were under the influence of alcohol and did not secure the kids in there car seats properly, thus resulting in them being thrown out of the car. Shawna’s 8 month old son only suffered minor personal injuries but her 3 year old son suffered serious personal injuries and is still in critical condition and has only slightly improved.

Officers found a pint of Hennessy cognac inside the vehicle, CHP Officer Tom Maguire said.

This blogger is unaware if the city or family of the kids have lawyers.

This just shows how much damage alcohol can do to a family or the residence of a city. Statistics show that every year, over 17,000 people in America are killed in drunk driving accidents. In addition, roughly 500,000 people are injured each year in drunk driving accidents.

If you have been injured in a drunk driving accident, you have a personal injury claim and you have rights. A personal injury lawyer can help you obtain those rights such as like, money you need to pay for your medical bills, reimburse you for time off work, and compensate you for all your pain and suffering.

And remember, drinking and driving in a car can be a catastrophically bad combination… Not just for you, but for your family and children also.


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