Fourteen year old Boy Suffers Brain Injuries After Almost Drowning In School Pool

Fourteen year old Jerry Pham from Milpitas, just south from the capital Sacramento, California, is now suffering from serious brain injuries after being underwater for several minutes before anyone saved him from drowning in a pool.

On October 12th Milpitas high School’s Physical Education teacher Kristina Edwards had a mandatory swimming unit day. Edwards didn’t take in account that Jerry Pham was filed as a “non-swimmer” when he entered the pool for the class.

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“Edwards was socializing with students about clothing styles that were popular in the 1980s. Meanwhile Pham began to drown. Students began to notice something at the bottom of the pool, some believing that they saw clothing, according to the claim. When Edwards noticed the commotion and realized Pham was laying at the bottom of the pool, she ordered everyone out of the pool, but did not dive in to rescue her drowning student.”

Edwards called for campus security but not 911, and once security arrived Edwards was no where to be seen and had fled the scene. Now the School and Mrs. Edwards are being sued for negligence in several regards. The School should not have appointed Edwards to do swimming activities if she was not trained in that area. They also should of had some type of device, such as a pole with a large hook on the end, to pull him up. If they could have saved him from nearly drowning he probably would not be suffering from brain injury or any sort of personal injury for that matter.

Remember, water is dangerous, especially if you cannot swim well.

These type of accidents can be prevented, but when they’re not there are serious consequences. This young man will now have to live with these personal injuries for the remainder of his life. He will have to pay medical bills, and may never be able to earn a living. But obtaining a lawyer could help him pay off the medical bills and give him a reasonable sum with which to start his life over.

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