Two Die in Drunk Driving Accident

A 24 year old student is currently facing charges for two accounts of second degree murder and vehicular manslaughter, in Encino, south of California’s capital Sacramento.

The alleged drunk driver, Sean Martin Mishlof, did not stop his car at an intersection and collided into the car in front of him. Both passengers in the car that was hit were wearing seat belts, but suffered catastrophic head trauma and died immediately.

Police Sgt. Larry Jones from the Los Angeles Police Department said:

“The crash was so severe that they had to request a device called the Jaws of Life from the heavy rescue team to assist them.”

“The Los Angeles Fire Department provided Mishlof, who suffered minor personal injuries, with medical assistance. ‘Police later booked Mishlof, and the DA’s office charged him with several felony counts including murder,’ said Detective William Bustos of the Valley Traffic Division.”

The families of those two people who have been killed in this crash will never get to see their loved ones again. Not only will they be traumatized by this incident but the families will also face funeral expenses. These families each will have a legal claim for wrongful death, but that cannot bring them back. It can provide a feeling that there was some justice done, however.

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