A Broken Arm in Sacramento

What are the legal issues involved when someone breaks an arm? Well that depends on a lot of things, a lot of variables. For example:

• A 12-year-old boy breaks his arm and cannot go swimming for 4 weeks. (Inconvenience or Disability?)
• A 29-year-old man breaks his arm and can not ride his motorcycle (or stick shift car). His motorcycle is his only means of transportation to get to his job. He is off work for 4 weeks and during that time his job is taken by another. (Inconvenience or Disability?)
• A 22-year-old administrative assistant breaks her right arm and cannot use her right hand to type or operate her computer mouse. She must shift to her left hand. Her productivity is cut in half until her arm heals. (Inconvenience or Disability?)

• A 68-year-old breaks an arm which invites infection during the healing process. The infection leads to complications which last for the next 12 months. Daily assistance is now required for cooking, cleaning and personal hygiene. (Inconvenience or Disability?)

So you see it really does depend on a lot of variables. But wait, there are even more variables, like who is responsible for the broken arm?

• The 12-year-old boy broke his arm when a driver ran a red light and hit him on his bicycle.
• The 29-year-old man broke his arm during a weekend off-road motorcycle riding event after drinking 6 beers.
• The 22-year-old administrative assistant fell from a 2nd story landing when the banister rail failed.

• The 68-year-old simply fell and broke the arm but the doctor’s advice was wrong and a lack of proper care promoted the infection.

The point here is that every broken arm is a unique event. There are numerous considerations, numerous variables involved in each instance. If you are the one with the broken arm, you probably have an excellent idea of who is responsible and what caused the accident. But unless you are experienced in personal injury law, you probably are unsure of what to do next. You probably are unsure of your rights.

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