Basic Information You Should Know About Birth Injuries at Sacramento Hospitals

Some babies are born with birth injuries. The average person may not know the reasons behind these birth defects. Some birth injuries are hereditary or occasioned by natural reasons, while others occur due to the negligence of a doctor during delivery. The baby can sustain injuries while still in the womb. In other cases, the injury can take place at the time of delivery. The injuries can be either minor or serious. If the baby suffers from a head injury, it may prove fatal because it can leave the baby paralyzed for its entire life. The injury can cause the baby to have cerebral palsy.

In some cases, the baby can even get mentally retarded. This kind of main birth injury affects the child as well as the family members. This is because the parents have to bear the burden of injured baby throughout its life. At times, birth injuries can also occur because of the doctor or hospital staff’s negligence. The lawyer gives the parents of the baby a right to file a case against the doctor or the hospital staff. Read on to find out more about the basics of birth injuries.

There is more than one cause of birth injuries. In case the baby is found to be overweight at the time of delivery, then problems can occur and the baby can suffer from a lack of oxygen. As a result, the brain tissues of the baby can be affected. A premature baby may suffer from an injury because the baby is fragile and more prone to an injury at the time of delivery. The shape of the pelvis is defective because of which the delivery is not carried out in a normal way. The mother can also suffer from prolong pain during pregnancy. This can disconnect the oxygen supply to the baby in the womb. As a result, the brain tissues of the baby can get damaged. Moreover, abnormal position of the baby at the time of delivery can also result in an injury.

Difficulty in delivery can cause an injury known as caput. This injury, for the most part, is sustained by babies who are taken out the womb with the assistance of vacuum extraction. The soft scalp tissues got bruises; however, they recover within a couple of days. The baby can manifest signs of bruises because of the use of forceps at the time of delivery. Another problem is hemorrhage in the eye blood vessels.

This is common but does not cause any damage. Permanent or transient facial paralysis can also occur because of the facial nerve breakage. Another common injury is the collarbone fracture at the time of delivery. It heals quickly however. If the shoulders of the baby do not come out properly, the blood supply to the hands and arms can get disconnected. Some injuries are minor and the infant recovers in a short period of time, while others have a lasting impact on the life of the baby.

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