Big Skateboarding Fall in Southern California Could have Been Serious Brain Injury

Brain injuries can come from an array of accidents, including extreme sports like skateboarding. We all know how much kids, especially boys, enjoy being out with their friends, scraping elbows and bruising knees. Sometimes, these cuts and scrapes can lead to more serious injuries as well.

As a Personal Injury Attorney, I know full well the dangers of these sports. No, I am not telling you to lock your children inside the house, forbidding them to participate in the games, but simply to be aware and give some helpful advice when needed. It doesn’t harm if you also make an effort to try and inform them on the benefits of wearing good protective gear when out doing physical sports or activities, if the case requires.

One recent skateboarding accident that could have wound up more serious, occurred at the X-Games in Los Angeles, California this month. Skateboarder Jake Brown fell 45 feet off his skateboard at the Big Air event’s quarterpipe, landing feet-first on the flatter part of the ramp. Jake was unconscious for a moment after the fall and suffered from a minor concussion. Had he fallen head first, or had he not been wearing a helmet, well, that would be a whole other story. It could have easily ended up in a more serious form of brain injury that could have had more serious consequences.

So what is the advice here? First of all, if your children are going to be skateboarding, protect them with a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads. Secondly, if a skateboarder is going to fall on a ramp, he/she should try to slide down the ramp, rather than going for a direct hit on the bottom as Jake did at the X games. If someone does fall while skateboarding and loses consciousness for a moment, take them immediately to received medical attention.

Have fun and play safe…

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