Close Call: Airplanes Nearly Crash Into Each in Southern California

Two airplanes almost collided south of our Sacramento home on Thursday at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The first plane, a WestJet, carrying 132 passengers was flying in from Canada. The second, a Northwest jet, carrying 150 passengers, was taking off. Reports state that the Northwest jet was traveling about 150 mph when the WestJet plane got in its way. Luckily, the WestJet plane was able to come to a stop before the two crashed into one another.

The dangerous mistake was made by both the WestJet pilot and the ground traffic controller for LAX. Reports state that the WestJet pilot was on the wrong radio frequency and could not get directions from the air traffic controller. When he was approaching the gate, the ground traffic controller cleared him without checking first with the air traffic controller.

No one was hurt in this close call. This accident could have been detrimental to many. If there was a crash and a subsequent lawsuit, the negligence of both the controller and pilot would probably serve as the cause. Some are questioning if their negligence should be taken into accountability regardless of no great harm happening.

Again, this a gross mistake that could have had consequences for hundreds of lives. An inquiry or investigation should at minimum be in order in such a case. And those who put the lives of others at risk should at the very least be psychologically tested to assess if they have the requirements such a job demands.

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Fly, fly away.
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