Birth Injuries at Kaiser Hospitals – A Serious Clinical Negligence

Birth injuries are dangerous and some infants and parents have to deal with these types of injuries. Some birth injuries are genetic. But some injuries occur due to the negligence of a medical doctor during the process of delivery. Every year, great deals of infants suffer from injuries due to negligent nurses and doctors.

For any parent, the moment of the birth of their baby is the happiest one in their life. Mothers and their baby should be given as much care as possible. However, accidents, sometimes, happen due to Sacramento doctor or staff’s medical negligence. The baby has to go through the impact of the injury throughout their life. It is right that most injuries are reversible but some are so dangerous that the baby has to live with them as long as they live.

Birth trauma is of many types. Some injuries occur during delivery, while others occur after the baby has been born. Some of the more common injuries to the baby include cerebral palsy, brachial plexus injury, facial palsy, ruptured placenta, umbilical cord problems, skin irritation, brain damage, arm fractures, eye injuries and many others. The mother can also suffer from injuries, such as fissures, vaginal tears, incorrect suturing and infections.

Clinical negligence in Sacramento hospitals is one of the main causes of birth injuries. One type of negligence is when the doctor is not available to deal with complications in the process of delivery. If doctors pay reasonable attention to the mother, it is possible to avoid most types of birth injuries. At times, misdiagnosed complications and improper treatment can also result in injuries to the infant or the mother.

At times, medical doctors and nurses carry out the delivery in a rush. As a result, things go wrong and either the mother or the infant sustains injury. In some cases, lack of oxygen to the infant’s brain can also cause him an injury. Improper epidural administration and delays during the delivery process also result in an injury.

If doctors or nurses fail to take good care of the mother, birth trauma is more likely to happen. It is the duty of the gynecologist to perform all the necessary tests properly during pregnancy and the delivery process.

At times, the symptoms of an injury appear weeks after the delivery. After birth, doctors should conduct different types of tests in order to make sure the baby is healthy. If the doctor does not perform the necessary tests, the baby is most likely suffering an injury.

If your baby or wife has suffered from an injury during or after delivery, then you have a right to make a compensation claim. These types of claims come under the umbrella of medical malpractice. And to handle such cases in the best way possible, you should take the services of an experienced Sacramento birth injury attorney. You may find numerous such lawyers in your city. All you have to do is research and find one who is competent enough to handle your case and win it in the end.

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